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Silicon Valley

Course Concepts
Accelerate business development from the evolving innovation city
Course Overview
Silicon Valley is known for the largest IT innovation hub since SV is the place where the world's leading venture capital and a major IT company gathers. Experienced angel investors, VCs, and accelerators functions as assessors of the new emerging technologies, mentors for the bright founders and matchmakers of the top talents and potential clients to network through their vast network. Since these players are searching for talented ventures worldwide and have vast knowledge, the objectives of the course is to structure the ways to gain latest market trends for the local expansion of its business through arranging presentations or business negotiations with them.

Based on the goal setting of each selected company, the Silicon Valley course provides supports for various preparations by mentor system such as providing sufficient information to understand regional characteristics and trends, and to arrange meetings with local companies). In cooperation with the JETRO · Global Acceleration · Hub Project (*), according to the business model of each selected company, one mentor on one company system will be implemented through remote session or so.

* JETRO · Global Acceleration · Hub Program:A program to provide advice on business strategy planning and briefings by local accelerators to Japanese startup which aim to expand their business in more than 10 startup ecosystems around the world.
Mandatory Program

1. Opening session
Overview of the program objectives and basic business information entering into Silicon Valley market will be shared. Learning service Japanese companies can receive locally, lectures on different business culture and practice, and reconfirm referred potential alliance partner companies, associations, and programs to be ready for smooth transition into SV local network in the future.

2. Legal advisory session by local law offices
Through legal advice sessions by a local law firm, deepen the basic understanding of legal regulations required to know at the time of the advancement into SV such as employment and intellectual property etc.,

3. Local Incubator · Company Session
Through interaction with local incubators in Silicon Valley and Japanese enterprise resides and operates in Silicon Valley, we provide the opportunity for you to grasp the sense of doing business in Silicon Valley and to make relationships with a local network.

4. Wrap-up session
On a last day of the session, attendees will gather for feedback sessions. Opportunity to share and learn what each attendee learned and gained throught.

Optional Program

Option program Ⅰ
Earn the information necessary for overseas expansion from companies and individual players that should be benchmarked by the business type of each selected company

1. Accelerator visit
Visit the local accelerator for each recommended industry. Participants will gain opportunities to brush up their business plans by learning unique cases and issues local accelerator had encountered to grow their business.
2. Presentation to investors / local companies
By setting up opportunities to present to investors and local companies that actually invest in each recommended industry, obtain concrete feedbacks on projects and services, which will lead to future opportunities for investment.
Option program Ⅱ
Visit/matching support with individual company・VC · accelerator etc.
Depending on the business model and marketability of each selected company, this program will support visit /matching with local companies · VC · Accelerators etc.

List of visiting company (example)
Google, Linked In, Microsoft, Autodesk, Stripe, Samsung, SAP, Stanford, etc.

Depending on the business model and marketability, it may be difficult to arrange visits to potential customers and clients. Also, if the preparation of the pitch and proposal is not matched to the program’s criteria, the program may set up an interview with the program’s mentor.

※ Please note the contents of the above program may be changed without notice in advance.

Schedule for the visit
【A】February 11, 2019 (Mon) – February 15, 2019 (Fri)  【B】February 25, 2019 (Mon) – March 1, 2019 (Fri)
Number of the companies
Approximately 20
Target Participants of the Course
・Company in IoT or Software development of technology or related field.
・Company in healthcare related services and products manufacturing & sales
・Have intention to expand its business in Western U.S for its business and market

<Industr of focus>
・(Group A): AI, IoT, data protection
・(Group B): Digital Health Related business